Christian Ghammachi

Christian Ghammachi was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1973.


His passion for photography spans over two decades, and has led him around the world. Seeking out the less obvious and overlooked details, finding beauty in hidden elements and emotions, Christian is inspired by the resilience of people, landscapes and wildlife. He is particularly interested in making photographs that show strength and enduring passion despite adversity. 


Currently living in Cape Town, Christian aims “to travel through Africa as often as I can, capturing the resilience of a continent that was the start of it all and will be here until it all ends.” His portfolio includes photographs from South Africa, Kenya, Nepal, Cuba, India, the Middle East and Europe. 


Christian’s photographs have gained recognition over the years, and have been published widely. A collection of his works -19 years later - was published in 2010 and won the Dubai International Prints achievement award in 2011.


He has showcased his work on several occasions in the Middle East, most recently the exhibition Cuba! in Bahrain as well as Coming Home, 19 Years Later and most recently "March of the Elephants" in Lebanon.